We are proud to provide the tangible items in our service’s toolbox, but what you can’t show in bullet points, is how we work with each of our Clients. We immerse ourselves in the challenges of each project. You will probably get sick and tired of us, because we will be there from the beginning to end and beyond. Honestly, it’s hard to finally hand over a project to our Client!

But no solution is easy, no matter how simple it needs to be. The one certainty is the successful designed space, whether retail, corporate, residential or hospitality, needs to tell a story and make an engaged connection with the end user.

So we approach each project as if it were a Rubik’s cube. Together with our Clients, we turn, twist, flip ideas, generate countless sketches,  exhaust research of technologies, materials and more, until we both feel we have reached the eureka moment and all the elements align. But you have to start from the beginning, working from a strategy. The aesthetics, that wonderful layer of emotion that connects all our senses to a time and space, will certainly come, but it can’t drive the project, because honestly, if the key doesn’t work in the lock, you can’t open the door.

But then, the magic happens, when we are able to weave together the distinct, functional elements of a project with its visceral, aesthetic layer.


A challenging process……. absolutely!  Worth the late nights…….sleep is highly overrated!


  • Project criteria identification
  • Space requirement analysis
  • Building systems review
  • Budget allocation



  • Branding, graphic programme development
  • Final layout, design details
  • Lighting, finish specification
  • Furniture, fixture specification
  • Custom element design


  • Project scheduling co-ordination
  • Progress & quality inspection
  • Project documents issue
  • Deficiency checklisting


  • Feasibility studies
  • Concept development
  • Block/zone plans
  • Furniture, fixture, finish concept proposals
  • 3D renderings


  • Preparation of Bid Construction Document Package
  • Consultant co-ordination-structural, mechanical/electrical
  • Bid negotiation assistance