About Factory Design Worx Inc.

Factory Design Worx Inc. is a full service, multidisciplinary interior design firm, with focus on the retail, condominium refurbishment, residential and hospitality markets.

A boutique design studio, our design perspective is to develop a unique strategy for each Client, that melds the best of planning principles with thoroughly evaluated interior elements and details to create a signature solution.

We are a collective of idea visionaries- branding, graphic and lighting wizards, furniture, fixture and building contractors whose collective experience and collaborative insights contribute to making Factory Design Worx Inc. a freshly innovative design team.

Bev Moroz, President of Factory Design Worx Inc. has worked extensively throughout Canada, the US and the Caribbean and positions the company to cater to the growth towards globalization in the international marketplace.


Principal Bio

Bev Moroz, president of Factory Design Worx Inc., has spent the last 38 years in interior design practice, honing her skills to understand and articulate what makes a project tick. Design is an industry of passionate players, who are constantly challenging themselves to look beyond the obvious to innovative and sustainable design solutions. But, it is also a business. Bev's experience in the design and construction industry has equipped her with the understanding of the realities of budget, construction timelines, scheduling, co-ordination, all necessary to make a project successful. From a simple furniture design project to the design development of a 750,000 square foot department store expansion programme, Bev has had the honour of collaborating with a broad range of unpredictable thinkers and Clients. Bev is priviledged to have received a number of awards for her work along with many published articles. Bev is a member of ARIDO (Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario). IDC (Interior Designers of Canada) and ARE (Association of Retail Environments).