Finding the JuJu

When it comes to the design of a residential space, it is not only a matter of incorporating new details and finishes, but more important, to discover the inherent soul, or “juju” that would define its new life. Such was the case for the renovation of the heritage residence, a compilation of 1867, 1917 and 1987 wood frame, board/ batten  and  post and beam structures.

The design philosophy mandated remaining true to the spirit of the building’s history in all re-constructed and new elements. A new entrance was designed incorporating traditional balustrade/picket styling and board and batten details. The original 1867 flooring was discovered and refurbished, roof rafters were reclaimed and milled into door jambs, roofboards became tabletops, salvaged period doors with hand forged hardware became  pocket door entrances, a new staircase of raw, unfinished blue steel metal with
 2 ½’ slab Douglas Fir treads and hand forged handrails re-inforced the design intent.
New elements as Douglas Fir kitchen/miscellaneous cabinets, reclaimed, engineered barnboard floors still evidencing the carved initials of past paramours, wood plank and stone wall cladding became the finishing layers.

Incorporation of sustainable operating systems was a vital component of the new design.
A grey water management system was installed that utilized recycled shower water to flush toilets, a custom ghost switch system was designed to turn off power to all but essential equipment with the flip of one switch, a new roof was built and structured for
the imminent installation of solar panels to feed power to the grid and LED lighting was installed throughout.

Ultimately, the Client, who were also the designers found the marriage that melded the best of the past with the present.