Center of the Universe - Kitchens

Residential design has seen a great revolution in the interpretation of its interior spaces. And it is the segment of kitchen design that has evolved the most dramatically.

No longer simply a room in which to prepare food, the kitchen has become the center of the universe. It has transformed into a relaxed meeting space where family, friends congregate to socialize and cook together, or where children do their homework. The walls have come down, literally, so that the food prep, dining and lounge spaces integrate into one convivial, home and entertainment environment.

As to the planning and design, it has become a collective discussion between all family members. Decisions made on cabinet styles, counter/back splash materials, appliance offerings, gas or induction cooking reflect the lifestyle choices that define the personality of each family.

Maybe we can thank Emeril Lagasse for “kicking up” the cooking experience a notch, taking men from behind their barbeque sanctum and into the kitchen and encouraging even the “foodie” novices and children to learn how to cook.